The Ida and Robert Gordon Family Foundation



About The Ida and Robert Gordon Family Foundation

Robert S. Gordon (1925-2015) was a multi-faceted, self-made man, who excelled in music, athletics, literature, and finance.  Throughout his life, he and his wife, Ida B. Gordon (1918-2019), a pioneering 1939 graduate of M.I.T., generously supported charitable causes concerning pressing issues of the day, notably women's reproductive rights.  Bob and Ida's philanthropy continues through The Ida and Robert Gordon Family Foundation, established after Bob's death in 2014.  The foundation focuses on supporting sustainable agriculture projects, while continuing to support women's reproductive rights and other important causes.


Roberta G. Gordon, President, Treasurer, and Director

Richard M. Greenberg, Vice-President, Secretary, and Director

Toby Wolf, Director